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Nowadays everyone is a photographer and phones are doing such a great job in terms of the megapixel offering. But nothing compares to a trained eye and proper documenting gear when it comes to your headshots, wedding day, or social media shoot. This idea of being responsible for capturing moments in time is a passion of mine, and one of my favourite creative outlets. My experience is built by a semblance of learning from other talented photo-journalists, from borrowing equipment until I could afford my own to trial and error, self-expression, inspiration from the greats and finding my way artistically and has come together to define my personal style.


Wedding photography is thrilling and fun! I would describe my style of wedding photography as journalistic or documentarian. I thrive on the pressure to utilize my time and the space provided in order to best formulate the real story of your day. My goal is not to get the best group photos, or cheesy set-up shots rather my intent is to capture the beauty of your day. I will translate you day, how it felt, to you, to your guests, from everyone's point of view, up close, from afar to a collection of finished images to last a lifetime.

Contact me if you're goal is to not worry about how or what or why on your special day,  and you don't want to blow your budget on an overpriced photographer. I'm forward thinking, I have a keen eye and a knack for being at the right place at the right time. I'm not bossy, I'm good at directing. You might hear me say "FIND YOUR LIGHT" a few dozen times. I promise we'll have fun! Let's meet for a coffee and get to know each other. No one has time to tote around someone they don't feel comfortable with on the most important day of their lives now do they? Just know, I'll judge you on how you take your coffee and form a clear understanding of what style of photography suits you based on your doughnut choice ;)


Track me down and we can discuss wether you are having a destination wedding, a night wedding, a full day extravaganza and from that, form a a fair agreement. Part of minimizing the cost for me is by keeping it simple. I shoot your wedding. I will do my best to get you 10-20 of the best captures for your social media by the next day. Then I edit a min of 250 photos (usually ends up being 350+) and then I put them in my dropbox and USB device in maximum quality for you so you can share with your family and friends as soon as humanly possible. 


Email me today, lets set up a time to meet that works!



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